Photo-Guns & Injectors

The objectives of this Task are the improvement and the optimisation of high brightness electron sources for the new European infrastructures. In order to meet the tight requirements of FEL operation, electron beams of extremely high quality have to be produced. The project focuses therefore on the design, construction and testing of new components, subsystems, materials or techniques for the production, manipulation, diagnostics and control of low emittance and high current beams, up to the early stage of acceleration.

The new components, devices and techniques will be tested at the test facilities PITZ (Zeuthen) and SPARC (Frascati), and in the existing major European laboratories. The results of this research project will be open for exploitation to the entire scientific community.



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  • Task1
    DS1 Photo-guns & injectors
  • Task2
    DS2 Beam dynamics
  • Task3
    DS3 Synchronisation
  • Task4
    DS4 Seeding and harmonic generation
  • Task5
    DS5 Superconducting CW and near-CW linacs
  • Task6
    DS6 Cryomodules technology transfer