This work package focuses on synchronisation issues of the FEL machine design. The new generation free-electron lasers aim to provide coherent, short-pulse (i.e. femtosecond), short-wavelength radiation pulses for user experiments. Consequently, two challenging objectives need to be combined:

First, many devices need to operate synchronous on sub-picosecond timescales.
Second, this synchronisation needs to be maintained over many hours of operation.

Compared with present-day third generation synchrotron sources, the demands on synchronisation in terms of temporal resolution and capability will increase by three orders of magnitude. Reaching these goals is non-trivial and still requires significant technological development.


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  • Task1
    DS1 Photo-guns & injectors
  • Task2
    DS2 Beam dynamics
  • Task3
    DS3 Synchronisation
  • Task4
    DS4 Seeding and harmonic generation
  • Task5
    DS5 Superconducting CW and near-CW linacs
  • Task6
    DS6 Cryomodules technology transfer