Cryomodules Technology Transfer

The objective of this task is to establish design and assembly procedures for cryomodules which are adapted and qualified for industrial series production. This is indispensable for the large-scale production of cryomodules needed for all the new European infrastructures - all these facilities are based on superconducting linear accelerators.

In general, features like assembly costs, alignment, heat loads and dark current are common both for CW and pulsed operation of cryomodules. In order to verify design changes and assembly procedures, a test stand will be constructed at DESY, where complete cryomodules can be tested without interfering with the operation of the VUV-FEL user facility.


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    DS1 Photo-guns & injectors
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    DS2 Beam dynamics
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    DS3 Synchronisation
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    DS4 Seeding and harmonic generation
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    DS6 Cryomodules technology transfer